1. What is the education language of the Management Engineering program?


    The education language of the Management Engineering undergraduate program is 100% English. All the courses of the department are taught in English, except for the courses that are required to be given in Turkish due to its structure in the course plan.


  2. In which universities in the world Management Engineering programs available?


    The Management Engineering program has been designed in harmony with the undergraduate and graduate programs of many respected universities in the world and has been developing in line with the expectations of the modern world from this engineering discipline since its establishment in 1979. You can get information about the universities that offer Management Engineering undergraduate and/or graduate programs at https://islmuh.itu.edu.tr/en/about-us/management-engineering-departments-and-programs.


  3. How can I access the Management Engineering program curriculum?


    You can access Management Engineering curriculum according to your entry year at https://www.sis.itu.edu.tr/EN/student/undergraduate/course-plans/plans/ISLE/201810.html


    Since Management Engineering curriculum can be updated in different periods, the curriculum you follow should be the one valid in your entry year. Students of the 30% English Management Engineering program, which is closed to student admission, will also be able to view their own curriculums from this page.


  4. How many credits should I need to give to graduate from Management Engineering undergraduate program?


    You must successfully complete the required number of courses and credits from the course groups in the course plan you are registered for. In this context, you need to examine and get information about curriculum which applies to you based on your entrance year.


  5. Is internship compulsory in the Management Engineering program, and if so, how does the process work?


    In the Management Engineering program, there are two compulsory internships, one called as Technical and the other one as Management, which must be done for at least 20 working days. You should review the internship process at and follow it carefully at https://islmuh.itu.edu.tr/en/students/internship. Information about the internship processes is made with the help of a class created on Ninova. To be added to this class and to get information about your questions other than the instructions provided:


    • Assis. Prof. Dr. Gizem SARIBAY ÖZTÜRK (Responsible Lecturer)
    • Res. Assis. Elif Uludağ
    • Res. Assis. Berker Pandır


  6. How should I prepare the Graduation Design Project for graduating from the Management Engineering program?


    Graduation Design Project is prepared in the current curriculum with ISL4901 and ISL4902 coded courses in Fall and Spring semesters, respectively.


    Students who took ISL4901 determine the project topics under the supervision of the advisor they work with, present the problem definition, a related literature review and engineering design ideas for the solution to the lecturers in the panel determined cumulatively in the Proposal Presentation, Intermediate Presentation and Final Presentation and are evaluated according to their presentation and reports.


    In the ISL4902 class, the solution proposals presented in the continuation of the studies in the ISL 4901 class are designed in accordance with the Management Engineering discipline, and a scientific solution is presented for the previously defined problem with the support of the relevant literature.


    It is necessary to be successful in both courses in accordance with the Graduate Application Principles.


    - Who can I contact to get information about the Graduation Design Project?

    • Prof. Dr. İpek ILKKARAN AJAS
    • Assoc. Dr. Ahmet ATIL AŞICI
    • Assoc. Dr. Deniz TUNCALP
    • Res. Assis. Ömer Faruk KANDAZ



    • Assoc. Dr. Deniz TUNCALP
    • Res. Assis. İbrahim Şapaloğlu


  7. Can I do a Double Major Program and a Minor Program in Management Engineering?


    There are Double Major and Minor Program opportunities in the Management Engineering program. Students from different departments at our university also benefit from Double Major and Minor programs in our department.


    - Who can I contact to get information about the Major and Minor Programs?

  8. Can I transfer to Management Engineering?


    It is possible to transfer to our department both from different universities and from different departments in our university. Within the university, there is the possibility of lateral transfer based on their GPA and the success of the university exam in the year of placement.


    - From whom can I get information about the transferring process?

    • Prof. Dr. Ferhan CEBI (Executive)
    • Prof. Dr. Raziye SELIM
    • Prof. Dr. Tolga KAYA
    • Assoc. Dr. Kaya TOKMAKCIOGLU
    • Res. Assist. Hakan YORULMUS



  9. What are the student exchange opportunities in the Management Engineering program?


    Istanbul Technical University is among the universities with the highest number of Erasmus+ student mobility agreements in Turkey. Management Engineering students are among the students who benefit most from these opportunities. It is necessary to meet the conditions announced periodically and to fulfill the learning obligations within the scope of the program. For more detailed information, you can check the relevant page.




    - Who can I contact to get information about Erasmus?

    • Prof. Dr. Raziye SELIM
    • Assoc. Dr. Cumhur EKINCI
    • Dr.  Idil Vedia EVCIMEN
    • Res. Assist. Yusuf Onur DERIN
    • Res. Assist.Bayram ARSLANOGLU
    • Res. Assist. Hidayet BEYHAN


  10. What does ABET Accreditation mean for Management Engineers students and graduates?


    Our department is accredited by ABET (The Accreditation Board of Engineering & Technology). This accreditation provides both our students and graduates the opportunity that their education recognized more easily worldwide and confirms that they receive a world-class education.




  11. How can I reach you?


You can reach us at https://islmuh.itu.edu.tr/en/contact. Currently, our Department Head and Department Secretariat serve on the second floor of ITU Ayazaga Campus Mediko Social Buildings (known as Mediko Sosyal Tesisleri). The Dean's Office is located in the Faculty of Management building in ITU Maçka Campus. Department faculty members and research assistants assist you during office hours and via e-mail. You can reach the contact information of the faculty members and research assistants of the department at https://islmuh.itu.edu.tr/en/academic/staff. Our department secretariat responds to your needs via telephone, e-mail and face-to-face meetings.