At the meeting of an ITU Management Engineering Graduates held in the past years, some of our graduates shared their thoughts about the Management Engineering Department:

Management Engineering has given me the ability to grasp the details and see the whole. (Emine Celik)

I think being able to look at events from different perspectives is one of the most important qualities for business and life success. Looking back, I see that our school has given me a very valuable perspective on this respect. (Deniz Kahraman, ’95)

I spent the best days of my life at the Faculty of Management. Management Engineering has given me my best friends. It was here that I learned to look at the world as a whole. (Eren İnci, ’02)

For me, Management Engineering means the basis for improving all kinds of processes in institutions, anticipating problems and creating alternative strategies. (Özge Temizsüt Yamaner, ‘02)

For me, Management Engineering means seeing the whole, being able to carry out ideas in all areas of life, showing direction and most importantly producing solutions. I am not even surprised when I meet people with similar characteristics at meetings and learn that we graduated from the same department, albeit from different years. (Evrim Coşan, ’02)

I used to think that the school that we completed was important until I became a Management Engineer. After becoming a Management Engineer, I learned that how to think is more important. The most important thing that I accomplish both in my school life and after is to think like a Business Engineer. (Teoman Akıl, ’02)

Management Engineering has given me the ability to think multi-dimensionally and to look at life from different angles. Management Engineering has made a difference both in my business world and in my private life. It is very exciting to be noticed in every environment. (Osman Badur, ’02)

For me, Management Engineering means being able to express yourself. (Anıl Demir, ’07)

Management Engineering is the luck itself for me. My school taught me reasoning and friendship. My own luck came about thanks to my school. (Murat Tombul)

Management Engineering has supported me in direct thinking and decision making in all areas of my life. (Faketa Yerli)

Management Engineering does not train employee for the sector, it trains Management Engineers for the economy. Being a Management Engineer has given me the vision I need to create and manage mechanisms that add value no matter the circumstances, and the ability to know where to look for information. (Alptegin Albayraktaroğlu, ’11)