About the Erasmus Program

The Erasmus+ Exchange Program offers a valuable opportunity for students of Management Engineering to broaden their academic and cultural horizons. Through this program, Management Engineering undergraduates, as well as graduates from both Management Engineering and Business Administration, have the chance to study abroad for one or two semesters. At the same time, many students from various European countries also come to the Management Engineering Department, enriching the academic environment with diverse perspectives.

The Management Engineering Erasmus Coordination (MEEC) plays a role in facilitating this exchange process. The coordination efforts ensure that both outgoing and incoming students navigate the exchange process with guidance.

Reflecting on the past three years' statistics, it's noteworthy that students from these three programs — Management Engineering Undergraduate, Management Engineering Graduate, and Business Administration Graduate — rank among the highest in participation in the Erasmus+ exchange across all programs offered at Istanbul Technical University. This trend underscores the programs' commitment to fostering international academic exchange and the students' enthusiasm for global educational experiences. 


Courses and Academic Information

Information about available courses, program duration, and academic resources. Links to course catalogs.

Students are expected to take their courses mostly from the Faculty of Management and care about prerequisite courses.

They are also expected to send the Course Registration Form to Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator-Incoming for approval before the Course Registration Period announced on academic calendar by ITU Erasmus and International Mobility Office.

Management Engineering undergraduate courses are held at Ayazaga Campus, Maslak. However, Graduate School courses are conducted at Macka Campus (ISB), Beşiktaş, unless otherwise specified.



Departmental Coordinators

Dr. İdil EVCİMEN (Gelen Öğrenci – Incoming Student)

Doç. Dr. Cumhur EKİNCİ  (Giden Öğrenci – Outgoing Student)

Process Advisors

Res. Asst. Aslıgül AKSAN

Res. Asst. İrem Betül KOÇAK

Registrar’s Office of the Faculty

Yasemin YALÇIN