Things to do for the Management Engineering Students before they selected as Erasmus Candidate Students:

1. Review the list of documents required for your application from the web page of the university you have been selected as a Erasmus student or the e-mail sent to you for information purposes, and complete them.

2. Prepare a list of courses (to provide at least 30 ECTS credits per semester) including the possible courses you will take in the department you will attend.

3. Make sure that the courses you have chosen for the semester you will attend are open. Try to take other courses instead of selected but unopened courses. Do not forget the fact of how complex this process is.

4. Get approval from ITU for the equivalence of the courses in the list you have created. For the approval of compulsory, elective and ITB courses, you must take a printout of the course content you plan to take at the host institution, apply to the Department of Erasmus / ECTS Coordinator with a petition containing the phrase " The xxx course I took from ITU is equivalent to the xxx course" and have the petition form signed for approval, and then forward this petition to the Dean of the Faculty of Management. The Dean's Office will forward your petition to the Faculty Exchange Program Committee and the Faculty Administrative Board.

5. Prepare your learning agreement (LA) based on the decision of the Board of Directors. Have the back page of your LA approved first by the Department of Erasmus / ECTS Coordinator, then by the other members of the Faculty Exchange Program Commission (Vice-Dean and Lateral Transfer and Adaptation Comission). Do not forget to get the Dean's approval with a wet-ink signature.

6. Have the front of the LA signed by the Department of Erasmus / ECTS Coordinator and send the original to the EU Center to be signed by the Institution of Erasmus / ECTS Coordinator. Send a copy to your Coordinator of the Department of Erasmus.

Considerations While Preparing the Learning Agreement:

 1. According to the decision taken by the ITU Senate, foreign language courses can not be included in the learning agreement. Pay attention to this while choosing a course.

2. It is not always possible to find courses equivalent to the compulsory courses in ITU in the institution to be enrolled. Sometimes, students may choose to take elective courses or ITB courses above the credit required for graduation. In this case, you can exceed the elective course credits required for your graduation.

3. The 30% English course selection requirement is calculated over the TOTAL credits you have taken. The extra courses you will take to fill 30 ECTS at the host institution are included in this total. All courses taken in languages other than English are considered as Turkish credits.

P.S: If you give up on Erasmus programme for any reason, remember that you have been given leave by the Dean's Office during this process and therefore you can not choose courses at the system. In such cases, try to inform the necessary units immediately.

Things to do for the Management Engineering Students after they selected as Erasmus Candidate Students:

1. In case of changes in the courses to be taken at the host instution, you must fill in the change page of the LA and have it approved immediately. While making the changes and determining the new courses you will take, be sure to inform your Coordinator of the Department of Erasmus of all the changes.

2. Email your reaaranged LA to your Coordinator of the Department of Erasmus. Coordinator writes a cover letter for these changes and submits your request to the Faculty Exchange Commission and Faculty Board for approval. After the signatures required for the change are completed within the Faculty, they are sent to the EU headquarters to be signed by the Institution Coordinator.

3. After your return, do not forget to complete the originals of the signatures by getting your reaaranged LA from the EU center.

Things to Do to Extend a Term in Erasmus Programme:

1. Prepare a petition containing your request for an extension and get a written approval of your Coordinator of ECTS Department. Ensure that the petition is forwarded to the EU Central-Erasmus Office.

2. You need to make a new LA and get the necessary approvals. As soon as your petition and newly approved LA reach the EU Central-Erasmus Office, a message will be sent to the host instution that your request is approved by the Erasmus Office.

3. Do not forget to deposit your tuition fee at ITU for the extension period.

4. You must request permission from your faculty for the extension.

5. You must forward a copy of the letter of acceptance stating the extended period to the EU Central-Erasmus Office.

6. You must have health insurance to cover the extended period.

For more information, please check Erasmus Handbook.