Internship Guidelines

As per the ITU Internship General Principles, the student, who has completed at least 35 credits and decided to do his compulsory internship, carries out his transactions using the ITU Portal and Ninova platforms, after the approval processes are completely directed to online channels. Students who are not in the Internship class in Ninova are required to report the situation to the internship commission.

Students who want to start the internship process should log in to the ITU Portal for internship. Required fields must be filled and the dates for the internship must be selected; the first day in the internship should be chosen as the start date of the internship and the last day to be worked as the internship end date.

In order to approve the internship application, the internship contract, annex-1 and work schedule documents must be stamped and signed by the representative of the company where the internship will be done.

The internship contract, annex-1 and work schedule documents stamped and signed by the company representative must be examined and approved by the members of the Management Engineering Department Internship Committee. For this, students are required to upload their documents to Ninova, and the Commission gives the approval process via e-mail.

After the approval of the commission, students must contact the Dean's secretary for the approval of the Dean's Office.

Documents approved by the Commission must be uploaded to the Portal at the latest 15 days before the start of the internship.

At the end of the internship, students are required to prepare an internship report. The internship report consists of the cover, contents, information about the company, introduction, report, conclusion and appendices, if any.

While writing the report section, a separate report must be written for each day of internship. Even if the same work is done on different days, the day should not be combined, and the activities carried out on that day should be written by the student by setting a separate date for each day of the internship.

After the student submits the internship report, the report is checked by the commission. In case of a deficiency in the report, the refusal and the reason are notified to the student. If the students do not complete their deficiencies within 15 days, the internships cannot be accepted.

Due to the pandemic, including this summer (Summer 2021), we are not looking for production-management order in internship. In addition, due to the pandemic, the opportunity to do internships for 2 days instead of 3 days a week during the school term was also offered.

For production (technical) internship departments where the production process can be mastered should be preferred. For management internship departments that can be included in the administrative process such as human resources, finance, marketing etc. should be preferred.

The online internship opportunity offered due to the pandemic is only valid for management internships, production (technical) internships must be done face-to-face.

Small-scale companies and start-up-style companies are not considered sufficient for internships regarding the number of employees. While companies with at least 50 employees are accepted before, this rule has been stretched due to the pandemic. Firms with at least 35 employees will also be accepted.

Students who do online internships are allowed to do internships on class days for this summer term (Summer 2021) due to the pandemic, as well.

For DAP Students

All engineering majors (except Industrial Engineering and Economics Departments) and students with Business Engineering as their second major can count one (20 working days) of their internships for their 1st major instead of Management Engineering Program Production Internship.

Students in this situation should contact the internship commission.

For information:

Internship Commission of the Department

Head of Commission

Inst. Dr. Gizem Sarıbay Öztürk

Commission Members

Res. Asst. Berker Pandır


Res. Asst. İrem Betül Koçak


Res. Asst. Mert Dönmez