Management Engineering Club

Istanbul Technical University Management Engineering Club was established in 1991. It has been among the leading university clubs in Turkey since its establishment. It acts as a bridge between companies and university students with its increasing success and organizations every year.

Two major events are held throughout the year: Information Technologies Summit and the Management Sciences Congress.

At the Information Technologies Summit, many topics such as the Internet, digital marketing, mobile technology, social media, the place of the information sector in the world economy, e-commerce, and 'knowledge' as the most strategic power are discussed in panels and seminars. Also, the sponsor companies and their participants come together in the foyer area, where the newest technologies are presented by the companies, and the leading names of the internet world are determined with the Social Media Awards. The Dijifikir Competition contributes to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and gathers entrepreneurs and investors under the same roof every year.

The first Management Sciences Congress was held at an international level in 2000, namely the "Conference on Management Sciences". The Congress has been organized under the name of Management Sciences Congress since 2007. Every year, on the last day of our event, a closing concert is held with valuable artists.

The aim of the congress is to encourage university students for academic studies, to direct the education system, to shed light on today's management problems, and allow information sharing by building new bridges between students and the business world.  


Our mission is to bring future executive candidates under the same roof, to sign collaborations, to develop creativity and teamwork tendencies, and to make individuals ready for the business world. All organizations and training organized by the Management Engineering Club have the qualifications to achieve this goal.


Our vision is to ensure that our members graduate socially and theoretically equipped, competent, entrepreneurial, and educated in accordance with the needs of the sector. The Management Engineering Club continues its activities in line with its vision of maximizing the communication between companies and universities, as well as increasing the competencies of university students in every field.

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