First Semester (Compulsory Courses)

  • MBA 517E Management Statistics
  • MBA 515E Financial Accounting
  • MBA 513E Business Economics
  • MBA 519E Management and Organizations
  • MBA 511E Marketing Management

Second Semester (Compulsory Courses)

  • MBA 518E Corporate Finance
  • MBA 514   İşletme Hukuku
  • MBA 512E Production and Operations Management
  • MBA 510E Strategic Management

Third Semester (Elective Courses)

  • MBA 531E Marketing Research
  • MBA 533E International Marketing
  • MBA 546E Strategic Internet Marketing
  • MBA 550E Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MBA 537E International Finance
  • MBA 539E Investments
  • MBA 549E Business Forecasting
  • MBA 565E Economics of Money and Financial Markets
  • MBA 538E Behavior and Leadership in Organizations
  • MBA 540E Project Management
  • MBA 567E Managerial Decision Making

The program can be completed in one academic year by taking a total of 14 courses (10 compulsory, 4 elective) during 3 semesters.

The semesters of the program consist of 12-week periods. The program is completed with the completion of 5 compulsory courses in the first and second semesters, and 4 elective courses that can be taken from a pool of approximately 15 courses in the third semester, and a non-credit graduation project.

The program is structured to have first two semesters to cover Fundamentals for Business Administration while third semester students have opportunities to have more in-depth knowledge on the desired object.

The language of instruction of the program is English. (Except law classes)

Classes are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 19.00-22.20 on weekdays; On Saturdays, it is held between 9.00-12.20/13.30-16.50.

Since there is only one week gap between semesters, our students are required to be successful especially by participating in all the participatory studies, assignments, exams, case studies and seminars organized from time to time with great devotion.

Classes are held at the Faculty of Management building on the ITU Maçka Campus.

As a dynamic program, our main goal is to use the available time extremely effectively and to provide individuals with different backgrounds at the end of three semesters with the opportunity to specialize in a certain sub-function (for example, marketing or finance) in addition to the basic competencies of the business discipline.

Managers are invited to the lessons to share their knowledge and experience from the business world, so that examples and problems related to the business world can be examined as well as theoretical information.

The courses are prepared to solve real business problems as much as possible.

There is a course teaching system that allows students and faculty members to discuss mutually, work in groups and apply other educational methods.