Regardless of the career path that a graduate of Management Engineering may choose, within three to five years of obtaining a bachelor’s degree, s/he will accomplish to demonstrate a significant competence in Management Engineering via developing and implementing proactive, innovative, and sustainable solutions in different areas, displaying competency in professional life by engaging in complex projects and/or tasks. Examples may be ERP implementation projects, consultancy work, business development activities, and business impact projects. S/he will gain advance professionally and/or increase areas of professional responsibility as a result of using effective team-working, persuasive communication and strong leadership abilities. Change positions via promotion in the same organization/department, or establishing a new venture, or successful transition to another field. Participate in and/or lead multi-disciplinary teams for significant projects, use oral presentation techniques for different professional purposes effectively, prepare influential written reports for organizations and/or scientific and societal bodies. S/he will show ability to learn independently and in a continuous manner. Engage in symposia work, certification trainings, and continuous education courses and/or pursue graduate level education (masters and/or PhD degrees), etc. And s/he will demonstrate excellence in upholding professional codes. Participate in relevant training activities, short courses and/or seminars on ethical standards, environmental protection, corporate misconduct, workplace safety, disaster prevention, etc. Join or participate in the activities of relevant professional, societal or community-based organizations for the advancement of society’s welfare and prosperity.

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