The aim of our Executive MBA program, which started when there were no similar programs in Turkey yet, is to bring together the quality of education at ITU with employees and individuals who want to improve themselves without interrupting their careers, and to provide a development environment that will carry them to leadership in their business lives.

Mission of the Program

To turn employees from different disciplines who have gained experience in distinguished companies of the business world, without interrupting their careers, to become leaders who can solve multidimensional management problems they encounter and create added value for the institution they work for, by using the most modern scientific approaches in the field of management, by sharing their experiences effectively as teams.

Vision of the Program

To be a world-renowned international program focused on learning and practice that can meet the changing needs of today's businesses in every aspect.

Thanks to the program, the participants will have the opportunity to make their work more efficient and effective with the skills they have acquired; Thus, they will have the opportunity to find a job in very good conditions and to advance to higher positions in the institutions they work for.

From the Program Coordinator:

The interest in Executive MBA programs, which emerged in line with the needs of business life in the developed countries of the world, continues to increase. ITU Executive MBA Program is the first Executive MBA Program opened in our country. Our program was included in academic life at ITU Macka Campus in 1998 by the faculty members of the Management Engineering Department within the Faculty of Management of Istanbul Technical University.

The program aims to gain the ability to interpret the experiences of managers from different disciplines, to comprehend interdisciplinary interaction, and to interpret and analyze the business as a whole by producing new information by integrating different experiences gained in business life with the information offered by the business field. Experienced experts from the business world also contribute to the program, which is run by academics from ITU and our country, who have international experience in their field. This staff offers a program structure that evolves from basic concepts and processes to tools, case studies, seminars and current software.

The ITU Executive MBA Program provides an environment for talented professionals to help them navigate the path of leadership in the organizations they work for, by reinventing their limits during a challenging academic year. Although it requires serious sacrifices to adapt to the intense tempo of the program, a program awaits you in which the participants will feel that the fatigue brought by these sacrifices decreases with the gains they make in business life as time goes on.

In this respect, we aim to see among us professionals who are highly motivated, who can bring effective and practical solutions to problems, who can use their time and all their resources efficiently and effectively, who have specific goals and who can improve themselves and their teammates by sharing their experiences.

Prof. Dr. Oktay Taş

İTÜ EMBA Program Coordinator