Business Administration Doctoral Program is run by the Department of Management Engineering within ITU Graduate School.

The main goal of the doctoral program is to provide students with a deep theoretical knowledge of business management and enable them to conduct academic research that contributes to identify and solve problems faced in business organizations.

Research Areas

  • Financial management
  • Financial market microstructure
  • Behavioral finance
  • Portfolio analysis and management
  • Financial assets and valuation methods
  • Financial risks
  • Organization theory
  • Strategic management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Human resources management
  • Innovation management
  • Marketing strategies
  • Brand management
  • International marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Integrated marketing communication
  • Corporate identity and corporate marketing
  • Consumer behavior


Program Structure and Courses

  • Lectures in finance, marketing, management and organization are supported with courses such as research methods and statistical and quantitative techniques.

  • The program mainly consists of three phases: 8 courses (21 credits + Scientific Research, Ethics and Seminar course), then proficiency exam and finally doctoral thesis.

Some courses in the field of Management & Organization

Some courses in the field of Marketing

Some courses in the field of Finance

ISL 601E Research Methods I

ISL 601E Research Methods I

ISL 601E Research Methods I

ISL 602E Research Methods II

ISL 602E Research Methods II

ISL 602E Research Methods II

ISS 606E Organization Theory

ISS 604E Marketing Theory

ISS 601E Advance Topics in Finance

ISS 607E Special Topics in Organizational Behavior

ISS 605E Directed Readings in Consumer Behavior

ISS 602E Financial Econometrics

ISS 608E Special Topics in Human Resource Management

ISL 502E Advanced Marketing Research

ISS 603E Financial Market Microstructure

ISS 610E Special Topics in Strategic Management

ISL 503E Strategic Marketing Management

ISL 511E Investments

ISS 611E Special Topics in Entrepreneurship

ISL 518E Business to Business Marketing

ISS 503E Financial Accounting

ISL 501E Advanced Approaches to Management

ISS 509E Marketing Management

ISS 504E Corporate Finance

ISL 517E Management of Technology

ISS 524E Marketing Research

ISS 531E International Finance

ISS 505E Management and Organization

ISS 523E Global Marketing

ISS 533E Capital Markets Law

ISS 508E Organizational Behavior

ISS 532E Integrated Marketing Communication

ISS 510E Strategic Planning and Management

ISS 511E Human Resources Management


Admission Requirements

  • Min. ALES score of 75 (quantitative or equally-weighted) or Min. GMAT score of 540 or Min. GRE (quantitative) score of 155

  • Min. Master's GPA of 3.25/4 (82.5/100)*

  • Click for min. exam scores showing English proficiency

  • A CV

  • A letter of motivation

  • Two letters of recommendation

  • A research proposal

  • A 'pre-approval' by a faculty member 

  • Any previous academic work (e.g. thesis, publication etc.)

*If the candidate would apply to the program with his/her undergraduate degree, then the undergraduate GPA should be at least 3.5/4 (88.3/100).