Business and Technology Master's program is administered by Graduate School and carried out by members of both Management Engineering Department and Industrial Engineering Department.

The key to corporate and individual success in the 21st century is the effective development, management and use of all kinds of technology.

The aim of the program is to make employees adopt the general principles of planning, purchasing, using, evaluating, developing and educating other interested parties about advanced technology related to their profession, in parallel with the increasing use of advanced technology in every part of our country, and to gain managerial skills within this framework.


The program consists of a total of 48 credit courses and a term project.

All courses are 500 coded.

All courses are 3+0 credits.

36 credits of a total of 48 credit courses consist of compulsory courses.

Students must take 4 elective courses.

Four of the compulsory courses (12 credits) are in English, and there are many elective courses in English in the program.


In addition to the Graduate Education Regulation Senate Principles Admission Requirements, having:

  • A minimum ALES score of 85 (equal weight (EA))
  • Undergraduate GPA 2.75 out of 4 or equivalently 70 out of 100.
  • The program is not open to students graduated from ITU’s Department of Management Engineering and Industrial Engineering


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Management and Organization

Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis

Business Optimization

Business Economics

Management Information Systems

Supply Chain Management

Management of Technology, Innovation and R&D

Technology and Law

Financial Management

Technology and Marketing

Business Intelligence and Data Mining

Operations Management

Decision Making in Business and Technology Management

Project Management

Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management

E-Commerce Technologies and Applications

Strategic Management

Technological Convergence and Business Strategy

Analysis and Design of Information Systems

Purchasing Management

Block Chain and Financial Technologies

Industry 4.0 and Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Big Data Technologies and Applications

Impact Evaluation In Social Sciences Research

Business Forecasting with Data Analytics

Enterpreneurship and Business Planning in Technology Management


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Majority of the graduates are employed in industrial corporations which use advanced

technology, R&D and P&D units, software companies as specialists and executives.



Grasping interdisciplinary interaction related to social and technical fields in undergraduate level and developing and intensifying the current knowledge in that area of Business and Technology Management

By means of ability to use theoretical and practical information related to the area of Business and Technology Management to combine and interpret them with information from different disciplines producing new information and solving the faced problems by related searching methods

By means of the ability to critically analyze knowledge, skills and also a study related to the area of Business and Technology Management that requires expertise on that area, directing and continuing independently, developing new strategies for the problems that are not foreseen and taking the responsibilities together with fulfilling the leader role, the ability to produce solutions for that problems

By means of the ability to promote current development and studies by supporting with qualitative and quantitative data in the area of Business and Technology Management and to use computer software together with information and communication technologies with a required level, critical analyzing, developing and altering, if required, social relationships and the norms directing these relationships, establishing written oral and visual communication with groups within one’s or different fields

Proficiency in a foreign language and establishing written, oral and visual communication with that language for presenting one’s studies in the international environment

By means of the ability to inspect the steps like gathering, interpreting, implementing and announcing related data with the area of Business and Technology Management by overseeing scientific, cultural and ethical norms, teaching these norms, developing strategy, policy and action plans in related subjects and evaluating the obtained results by making the use of quality processes, using the gathered information and solving problems and/or implementation skills in the interdisciplinary strategies

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