Platforms Used in the Process

  • Google Drive (sharing files with accepted students)
  • Ninova (Information before applying to ITU Erasmus Office, information meetings to be held, joint messaging on the message board)
  • İTÜ survey page ( (Feedback from outgoing/incoming students)

Points That Graduate Students Should Pay Attention

  • Some universities do not accept students at the thesis stage.
  • The student who wants to attend the thesis (if there is no drawback from the host institution) must first contact a thesis advisor from the host institution and reach an agreement. The thesis defense will be held at ITU.
  • Students who are at the thesis stage cannot take courses.

Points to Consider When Preparing a Learning Agreement

According to a decision taken by the ITU Senate, foreign language courses cannot be included in the education contract. This should be taken into consideration when choosing courses.

It is not always possible to find courses equivalent to the compulsory courses at ITU at the institution you will attend; The student can choose to take elective or ITB courses beyond the credits required for graduation. In this case, you can exceed the elective course credits required for graduation.

NOTE: After you are accepted to the Erasmus program, you will no longer be able to register for courses via automation at ITU, as the Dean's Office notifies you as being on automation leave for that period. For this reason, if you decide not to go, it is important to inform the necessary units in order to avoid losing your term.

What Management Engineering Department Students Selected as Erasmus Candidate Students Should Do After Their Arrival

If there is a change in the courses to be enrolled, due to reasons such as the course not being offered, the quota being full, etc., you must fill out the education contract change page and have it approved without delay. When making changes and determining the new courses you want to enroll in, be sure to inform your MEEC Process Advisor of all changes.

Scan your learning agreement contract and send it to your MEEC Process Advisor by e-mail. Your request is forwarded to the Department Coordinator by your Process Advisor, and the prepared cover letter is signed by the Department Coordinator and submitted to the approval of the Faculty Exchange Commission and the Faculty Board. After the signatures required for the change are completed within the faculty, they are sent to the EU Center to be signed by the Institution Coordinator (ITU Erasmus Coordinator).

After your return, do not forget to obtain your learning agreement contract from the EU Center and complete the original signatures again.

Process to Follow for Erasmus Exchange Term Extension

  • Upload the petition, including information about your extension period, to Drive and notify your Department Coordinator and Process Advisor by email.
  • After the approval of the Department Coordinator, forward the petition to the EU Center-Erasmus Office.
  • In this case, you need to make a new education contract and get the necessary approvals. As soon as your request petition and the newly approved learning agreement reach the EU Center-Erasmus Office, a message will be sent to the other school stating that your request has been approved by the Erasmus Office.
  • You should not forget to pay your tuition fee at ITU for the period you are extending.
  • You should not forget to request permission from your Faculty/Institute for the time you will be there.
  • You must send a copy of the acceptance letter stating the time period for which you will extend the semester to the EU Center-Erasmus Office.
  • You must have health insurance that will cover the period you will extend.
  • For your questions other than the topics explained here, we recommend that you first take a look at the Erasmus Handbook.

Other Issues

  • Uploading all documents to Drive pages prepared separately for each student and using email only for reminder purposes will make studies easier.
  • In order for the Drive page to be opened, your Google account information must be sent to the relevant Process Consultant.
  • Documents will only be accepted electronically.
  • Correspondence should be made with the student's designated Process Advisor and, if necessary, with the defined Program Coordinator (do not forget to include your name and surname in the message).
  • It should be confirmed whether the procedures have been completed before the Faculty or not by contacting the Faculty Registrar’s Office.
  • In order to avoid delays in correspondence and process, dates should be paid attention to and action should be taken as early as possible.