Application Process

1.You decide to come to ITU. Then, your home university should have a partnership agreement with ITU.

2.Your home university selects candidates and nominates them to ITU for Erasmus+ program.

3.Your nomination is done by your home university. Information and links about nomination can be found at ITU Erasmus website. The required documents for application can be also found on this website.

4.Upon receiving an email regarding your approved nomination, you can apply directly at ITU within our application deadlines.

5.After application document verification step, you will receive your acceptance letter from the ITU Erasmus and International Mobility Office.

6.You send Course Registration Form to ITU Program Coordinator by email.

7.Your Learning Agreement is signed by ITU, but only AFTER you received your ITU admission letter (not during the application process). The ITU admission letter does not include the acceptance of your course choice in your Learning Agreement, as there is no guarantee that all courses of your choice are really offered by the start of the exchange semester or if there are free places.