SUNY- New Paltz,is the University Campus of New Paltz, located in the Hudson River Valley, 90 minutes' drive from New York City, part of the New York State System of Universities. SUNY is the world's largest state system with a total of 64 campuses in the state of New York. There are more than 400,000 students registered in this system, where nearly 5000 higher education programs are carried out.

SUNY-New Paltz is a university that can compete with world universities with its business, educational sciences, fine arts and performing arts, natural sciences, engineering and science and literature faculties. The total number of students enrolled in all undergraduate and graduate programs of the university is about 7700. As an indicator of its approach towards international education, the university hosts up to 500 foreign students from over fifty countries every year. More information about SUNY- New Paltz can be found or at