Industry Partnership

Within the scope of University-Industry Cooperation, our department hosted speakers from various businesses within the scope of the courses given in the undergraduate and graduate programs of Management Engineering in the past years.

Guest Companies:

Cengiz Tevek — Mercedes Benz Turk, Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen Department Manager
Sadettin Küçükgirgin — Ekol Lojistik, Project and Business Development Manager
Burak Büyükdemir — E-Tohum, Founder
Fatih İşbecer — Pozitron, Founder and owner
Özgür Alaz — Promoqube, Social media agency founder
Ufuk Torun — Bosch, Quality Management Systems and Quality Methods Section Manager
Cem Özkaynak — SEMTR, Co-founder
Almeşah Öztürk — 41-29, Co-founder
Serkan Hondur —, Founder
Cem Duran —, Founder
Ozan Tatar —, Marketing manager
Emre Güzer — Garanti Bankası, Paying systems
Selim Aytuna — Nokia Türkiye, Services and Solutions Manager

Technical trips to various businesses:

Bosch Bursa Factory
Ekol Lojistik Hadımköy Factory
Arçelik Kurutma Makinası Factory

Topics of graduation projects carried out with university-industry cooperation:

  • Analysis of the Effects of Image Processing and Human Identification System on Productivity-Standardization-Quality Triangle
  • Reverse Logistics Problems and Applications in Turkey
  • Success Factors in Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Creation of Watch Schedules for Airlines Flight Crews
  • Layout Restructuring in a Sheet Metal Fabrication Unit in an Automobile Factory
  • A Model Proposal for Establishing a Food Logistics Plan
  • A Model Proposal for the Implementation of Intermodel Transport Systems
  • A Model Proposal for Vehicle Routing in the Green Logistics Chain
  • A Model Proposal for Warehouse Process Performance Measurement and Evaluation: An Application in the White Goods Industry
  • Problems Encountered in Energy Efficiency Enhancement Projects at The Turkish Paper Industry, and Propositions for Removing Them
  • Problems Experienced in New Product Development Process and Solution Suggestions
  • Evaluation of the Performance of Logistics Firms
  • A System Proposal for Evaluating Supplier Performance: An Application
  • Design of Turkish Logistics Industry Infrastructure Analysis System
  • System Analysis for Determining Optimal Layout of Material Handling System: Logistics Industry Warehouse Application
  • In-Factory Material Handling System Development Practice
  • Joint Venture Based Operational Process and Retail Model Design to Increase the Export Potential of the Turkish Furniture Industry
  • Market Attractiveness and Competition Analysis Based Action Plan Design for Turkish Olive Oil Exporters from Asia-Pacific Countries to China and Japan Markets
  • Developing Marketing Strategies for New Product Adoption Process in Inter-Organizational Markets: An Application in the Banking Sector
  • Customer Loyalty Formation Process in Relational Marketing Approach and Role of Loyalty Cards in Customer Relationship Management
  • Efficiency of Distribution Channels: A Comparative Analysis on the Basis of Regions in the Automotive Sub-Industry