Management Engineering University-Industry Cooperation Directive


The Commission consists of 3 faculty members appointed by the Head of the Department from among the candidates proposed by the Department of Management Engineering to carry out the tasks specified in the purpose part of this Directive. The term of office of the commission members, selected by keeping a balance between the existing working areas of the department, is 2 years. A member whose term has expired may be reassigned in the same manner. If the members of the commission leave their primary duties for any reason, their duties in the commission also come to an end automatically.

Evaluation of the Works with Duties-Authorities and Responsibilities

The Commission is responsible for announcing the project application and evaluation calendar every year, among other activities. Project proposals are evaluated and finalized within three months at the latest from the deadline. This period may be extended by the commission if necessary. Commission members can benefit from the services of consultants specialized in a certain field, from within and outside the department, if they need it in the evaluation and selection of projects. For the projects that are decided to be supported, the project coordinator representing the industry and the Head of the Department representing the university sign a protocol in which the project details are determined. The parties are obliged to comply with the provisions of this protocol.

Monitoring and Concluding Studies

Project coordinators are obliged to send the project's final report to the commission within three months following the end date determined in the protocol. In addition, while the research is in progress, articles published in national and international journals, papers presented to scientific congresses/symposiums/meetings and a copy of interim publications, if any, should be included in the final report. At the beginning of each academic year, the Commission is obliged to share with the Management Engineering Department Board both the project summary results, the activities related to the lectures and technical trips, and a brief evaluation of the signed protocols within the scope of the activity report for the previous term.


This directive enters into force from the date it is accepted by the Department of Management Engineering. In addition, the provisions of this directive are executed by the Department of Management Engineering.