Erasmus at Management Engineering Department, Istanbul Technical University

ITU Department of Management Engineering has been involved in the Erasmus programme student and staff exchange since the 2003/2004 academic year. The student exchange has first started with the Inholland University Rotterdam (Holland) with a continuous increase in the number of universities and students in the following years.

Besides departmental bilateral agreement quotas, incoming students can also take advantage of general engineering quotas.

For the most recent bilateral agreement list please click here (in Turkish).

For all your general inquiries please consult this site.

For all the necessary documents for application and those would be necessary during your stay at our institutions please visit this site.

Department Erasmus Coordinators

Incoming: İdil Vedia EVCİMEN Outgoing: Raziye SELİM


Office Hours:Appointment by e-mail


Office Hours:Appointment by e-mail